HARPIA partner with MERCURY on White-Label Technology
Brand Our Technology As Your Own

HARPIA is Hong Kong leading company to provide instant messaging platform, integration with Signal, WhatsApp and specialised in insurance and retail sector.  HARPIA target market grew rapidly with strong demand from Large Enterprise, however, most client prefer an end-to-end solution which including but not limited to booking engine, CRM and field services platform.  It leave HARPIA management with two choice: build on their own or partnership with a SaaS based white-label technology.

If choosing to build their own option, HARPIA need to hire professionals from all areas of expertise, create a product development road map, and patiently wait until sketches and documents turn into the tested, licensed and market-ready solution. Typically, it takes several months to a year with no guarantee of success.

Don't RE-INVENT the Wheel

The way to build their own solution impacts not only time and money, but also how the solution works in the years to come. That’s why HARPIA management decided to connect the dots and determine to partner with MERCURY on their white-label technology platform.

MERCURY White Label Partner Program allows businesses to resell our powerful technology with end-to-end white label capabilities and no mentions of MERCURY anywhere.  Thus, the main advantages of white-labeled digital products can be derived directly from SaaS software benefits.

• Quick deployment. Since the solution is already available with full RESTFUL API, implementation takes minimal time (from a few days to a month).

• Cost-effective. HAPRIA does not spend money on server maintenance, integrations, platform customisation, testing, designing and licensing.

• Scalable. Unlike a ready-made solution, a white-label platform can be scaled and its capacity constantly adjusted so that it meets the needs of the growing business.

 MERCURY is glad to work closely with HAPRIA and our business architect will join HAPRIA as their Consultant.

HARPIA partner with MERCURY on White-Label Technology
Mercury Technology Solution
1 April, 2021
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