Monetaise Your Own Content

Content Management Solution for Content Creators
17 January, 2021 by
Monetaise Your Own Content
Mercury Technology Solution


With the recent interruption on social media platform and large scale flocking to different social media sites, demand is rising for wide array of podcasters, YouTubers, writers, journalists, artists, comedians, and other creatives to get their own platform.

MERCURY is proud to provide our White-Label Content Management Platform with modules for individual to build their own brand and retain their OWN data with their supporters.

Content creator is flexible to choose the server location(s) and build their own brand.

Sketch differently

Be flexible to change and be ready to throw away everything you knew for everything you know now.

Our technical platform provides a convenient means of monetizing output that was previously unavailable. 

The following Modules are available in the KOLify platform:

* Use your own domain name 

* Choose your server locations

* Membership Subscription for Digital/ Blog Content

* Sell your Digital Content in NFT form

* Easy-to-use Blog Editor with SEO build-in

* Email Marketing Engine for you to reach your supporter

* Event Management for you to arrange/ sell ticket to your audience

* E-commerce site for you to sell both physical & virtual products

* Fulfilment engine for you to integrate with your supplier for drop-shipping

* Inventory site for you to manage your own stock

* Accounting to manage your e-commerce P&L

* Survey system to let you to understand your supporters better

* Integration with Facebook Shop

* Integration with Google Merchant

* Integration with Google Analytics

* Forum for your member to discuss

*GDPR Ready

The rise of alternative social media services began late last year after Facebook and Twitter began labelling and removing more posts on their services for US election misinformation.  Content Creator shall plan ahead to market their own brand and platform while social media suppress their reach.

Contact us for more details.

Monetaise Your Own Content
Mercury Technology Solution
17 January, 2021
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