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Learn AI in 2024 (2 of 5): Mastering Large Language Models

From Basic Concepts to Advanced Techniques - Everything You Need to Build and Fine-tune Your Own LLM

James Huang | 2024.03.16

Following the Mathematics concept section, this section transitions to the Large Language Model, which is the foundation of OpenAI and other GPT concepts.

First, watch [1hr Talk] Intro to Large Language Models by Andrej.

Then Large Language Models in Five Formulas, by Alexander Rush — Cornell Tech

Watch Neural Networks: Zero to Hero

It starts with explaining and coding backpropagation from scratch and ends with writing GPT from scratch.

Neural Networks: Zero To Hero by Andrej Karpathy

He just released a new video → Let’s build the GPT Tokenizer

You can also look at GPT in 60 Lines of NumPy | Jay Mody while you’re at it.

Free LLM boot camp

A paid **LLM Bootcamp** released for free by Full Stack Deep Learning.

It teaches prompt engineering, LLMOps, UX for LLMs, and how to launch an LLM app in an hour.

Now that you’re itching to build after this boot camp,

Build with LLMs

Want to build apps with LLMs?

Watch Application Development using Large Language Modelsby Andrew Ng

Read Building LLM applications for production by Huyen Chip

As well as Patterns for Building LLM-based Systems & Products by Eugene Yan

Refer to the OpenAI Cookbook for recipes.

Use Vercel AI templates to get started.

Participate in hackathons

lablab.ai has new AI hackathons every week. Let me know if you want to team up!

If you want to go deeper into the theory and understand how everything works:

Read papers

A great article by Sebastian Raschka on Understanding Large Language Models, where he lists some papers you should read.

He also recently published another article with papers you should read in January 2024, covering mistral models.

Follow his substack Ahead of AI.

Write Transformers from scratch.

Read The Transformer Family Version 2.0 | Lil’Log for an overview.

Choose whichever format suits you best and implement it from scratch.




You can code transformers from scratch now. But there’s still more.

Watch these Stanford CS25 — Transformers United videos.

Some good blogs

Watch Umar Jamil

He has fantastic in-depth videos explaining papers. He also shows you the code.

Some more links related to LLMs that are not exhaustive. Look at LLM Syllabus for a more comprehensive syllabus for LLMs.

Learn how to run open-source models.

Use ollama: Get up and running with Llama 2, Mistral, and other large language models locally

They recently released Python & JavaScript Libraries

Prompt Engineering

Read Prompt Engineering | Lil’Log

ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers by Ise Fulford (OpenAI) and Andrew Ng

DeepLearning.ai also has other short courses you can enroll in for free.

Fine-tuning LLMs

Read the Hugging Face fine-tuning guide.

A good guidebook: Fine-Tuning — The GenAI Guidebook

Check out axolotl.

This is a good article: Fine-tune a Mistral-7b model with Direct Preference Optimization | by Maxime Labonne


A great article by Anyscale: Building RAG-based LLM Applications for Production

A comprehensive overview of Retrieval Augmented Generation by Aman Chadha

Reading all these would help you to speed up and understand the detail of LLMs.

Learn AI in 2024 (2 of 5): Mastering Large Language Models
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