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James Huang | 2022.03.07

MP3's birth eliminated the CD industry of record companies, and Spotify/Apple Music eliminated the MP3 industry. The navigation function of smartphones made car GPS a sunset industry. New products are overturning existing industries and are also changing the world. Entrepreneurs gamble on their "theme" every day. No one hopes that their business will quickly become a sunset industry because it relates to whether the startup is successful and how far it can go. Life is a gamble every day, and entrepreneurship is also a "gamble".

60年前、good designは、純粋な製品の美学をより多く指していましたが、現在、優れたデザインの評価ポイントは、ある製品やサービスが特定の目的や機能をよりよく実現できるかどうか、そして社会に持続的な影響を与えることができるかどうかに変わりました。

The translation is: When developing a new product or service, the founder needs to solve not just one customer's needs, but also to "gamble" whether the new product can make money.

Good design.

"Design" can be a verb or a noun, and it can also be a philosophy. It has become the driving force behind company growth and a chance for corporate transformation. Whether tangible or intangible, anything that is built for a certain ideal and purpose will be considered as design. 「設計」とは動詞や名詞になり得るだけでなく、哲学になることもあります。それは企業の成長の原動力や転換の契機になっています。物質的であれ無形的であれ、ある理想や目的のために構築されたものはすべて設計と見なされます。

In a constantly complex society, design has become an indispensable presence for solving issues and discovering new ones. 在絶えず複雑化する社会において、課題の解決や新しい課題の発見に対して、デザインは必要不可欠な存在となっています。

"Design" in English refers to "to give significance" in its Latin meaning, which means that although design is a simplified concept, it can still bring deep meaning. The biggest difference between design and art is that design has functionality. (Note: This translation is in traditional Chinese characters, not in Japanese.)

Who or what is designed for is seriously considered, as well as the problems to be solved. If interdisciplinary cooperation is possible, good design can definitely bring change and solve some people's problems. 誰や何のために設計されているかを真剣に考え、解決しなければならない問題を考える。異分野の協力が可能であれば、良いデザインは必ず改善をもたらし、一部の人々の問題を解決することができます。



During the design process, we also considered the needs of other industries, such as beauty salons, dentists, hair salons, and other different experiences. 設計の過程で、私たちは美容サロン、歯科医師、ヘアサロンなど、さまざまな異なる経験のニーズも考慮しました。

"We create value by following the process of "finding needs before designing products/services" and applying the design thinking process to IT. The most important thing is to first identify the needs that have not yet been fulfilled in the market, and then think about what mechanism to use to solve this need. In the end, find the appropriate technology to develop this technology. By using the above method, the probability of success naturally increases, and the "gamble" naturally decreases."

ジェームズ・ファン (Jeemuzu Fan)


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