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How an ‘Ownership Mentality’ Benefits Customers

James Huang | 2021.12.08

When employees of a company take ownership and feel personally accountable for client satisfaction, it’s a win for everyone. They work harder, care more and serve customers better than non-owners. They’re engaged in creating exceptional customer value and delivering quality products and services. The customer enjoys better service and an enhanced overall experience, and the business benefits in many ways – repeat business, increased referrals, higher profitability and a happy, motivated workforce.

There’s concrete evidence to support this theory.  According to a recent article, companies with highly engaged employees outperform their competitors by 147%.  Here, we look at a few of the ways a company can deliver high value to its customers when ownership mentality is a core value.

Empowering employees to make things happen

When employees are given the autonomy and flexibility to make judgment calls based on customer needs, companies are better able to streamline processes and increase customer satisfaction. To keep projects running smoothly, empowered employees can answer questions, make recommendations and make decisions that provide quick results for the customer. This enables efficient problem-solving and responsiveness rather than waiting for days for management decisions.

Even those who don’t directly interface with customers can have a significant impact by improving internal workflow, reducing costs and elevating product/service quality – all of which ultimately benefit the customer downstream.

Building trust and real connections

In an ownership culture, employees get to know customers on a personal level and are motivated to help them succeed. They delve deeper into customer needs and work together to solve problems. As a result, the client comes to value the relationship and develops confidence in the company and its people.

Elevating service and product quality

For the company to be successful, taking care of the customer is the number one priority. With an ownership mentality, everyone is focused on the same goal and customers receive consistent, hands-on service in every transaction. Dedicated employees work hard to understand customer expectations, so they can create, customize, optimize and deliver products and services to meet the needs of their clients.

An ownership mentality makes our company better

At Mercury, ownership mentality is one of our core values. It gives us continuity and stability and ensures a client-centric approach in how we show up in our work every day. Our people are heavily invested in the company’s future and its growth, so they’re always focused on continuous improvement. We strive to deliver value to customers in the form of quality products and services, and we live up to our commitments regarding budget and delivery times.

We know that when our customers succeed, we all succeed.

How an ‘Ownership Mentality’ Benefits Customers
MERCURY TECHNOLOGY SOLUTION, James Huang 8 December, 2021
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