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Mercury Technology Solution is a technology group that helps brands improve their business operations, marketing, and efficiency by using the latest technology. Our global team of consultants, tech, creative, innovation, and start-up specialists work together to solve business, operations, and marketing challenges for our clients, using a unique methodology.

Established in 2017, we started as a software solution provider for the Supply Chain industry. In 2021, Mercury deployed an Art-Technology project with artists to provide a unique proposition on the NFT and Blockchain landscape. Our core business is both creative and technology-focused, and we believe there are countless opportunities beyond "advertising" to drive brand growth via technology. In 2022, Mercury leverages LLMs to provide innovative solutions for companies on their branding and content management.

We have created a "Web 6.0" framework, which combines Web3 technology with Web2 UX for Web1 Corporate & Customer. Our platform provides a white-labeled and integrated Blockchain-based loyalty program, which allows users to acquire and earn royalty. We support multi-chain and are designed to be deployed across any network that is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This gives the flexibility to create tailored marketing campaigns within a brand, with different flavors and profiles deployed across multiple EVM chains on the tech platform.

Our years of experience running mission-critical systems combined with the latest digital innovations enable us to deliver better business outcomes and new levels of performance, competitiveness, and experiences for our clients and their stakeholders.

Japan Representative Office Center

Provides A.I. solution to Japan Clients in Kuramae, Tokyo.

United Kingdom R&D Center

Research & Development Center in A.I. established in Bristol, United Kingdom.

Launched our A.I. Muses Platform

Muses platform to maximise to value of Inbound Marketing.

Singapore Representative Office

Singapore Office for our SEA clients.

Integrated Automobile Solution

We launched the one stop solution for Automobile industry to provide seamless UX for their clients.

NFT Marketplace Solution

We launched the first Phyigital (Physical Linked Digital Asset) NFT Marketplace

We Moved!

Mercury moved to Kennedy Town, Hong Kong.

#1 Supply Chain Solution Contract Signed

Mercury signed with #1 Supply Chain Provider (Electronics Component) with 80B annual revenue in ShenZhen, China

Established in Hong Kong 

Mercury Technology Solution established in Hong Kong with two partners.