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Navigating the Full Remote Work Model and Fostering Productivity Modern Nomadic Style

James Huang | 2023.09.10

Like every progressive company that understands the transformative power of technology, we at Mercury Technology Solution believe strongly in the importance of leveraging technology to enhance productivity and inspire innovation. That’s why we made the shift to become a remote company, optimizing workflows and operations for our digital nomad staff, and the impact has been overwhelmingly positive. 

We took the brazen step to become a full-remote company, empowering our brilliant team of technology experts, innovation drivers, writers, creators, and marketers to work from any location worldwide. This decision didn’t only offer wider horizons for our employees but has also resulted in remarkable productivity.

In fact, the hallmark advantage of this digital nomadic lifestyle is shaping up to be the increased freedom and flexibility afforded to workers. The team at Mercury no longer confronts traditional constraints of office-based work. As a result, our employees now demonstrate a profound sense of control over their work and personal life balance. 

Interestingly, this hasn't just boosted morale; it's translated into dynamism, ingenuity, and productivity at Mercury. Reports from  remote work resonate with our experiences - 93% employee satisfaction and 90% productivity increase, tremendous figures that reflect positively on our decision.  In fact, the productivity improved and the communication among team is now better than ever.

Going remote has not only reduced office-related stress and increased savings for employees, it has also been a catalyst for innovative thinking at Mercury. Our "globe-trotting technocrats", by virtue of their immersion in diverse regions and cultures, find unique, multinational perspectives they infuse into their work leading to path-breaking ideas and innovations.  Our engineer now work in Japan can see the norm of our client's culture, it makes communication better and align common value.

In their new roles as digital nomads, the Mercury team experiences financial stability while savoring their nomadic lifestyle--Flexjobs analysis reveals that a remote work lifestyle could mean annual savings of up to $12,000USD for an individual. We have discovered that nurturing the personal well-being of our team leads to an enthusiastic, inspired, and dedicated workforce, unfurling into increased productivity.

What does this mean to Mercury's clientele? A more diverse, creative, and productive service offering unlike any other. Our commitment to encourage and support our remote workforce has expanded our talent pool, fostering a vivid amalgamation of multitudes of perspectives, cultures, and expertise fueling our talent powerhouse. This translates to a richer, more varied service experience for our clients.

As companies adapt and settle into the new normal, Mercury leads by example, thriving in embracing change and supporting our workers. By investing in the happiness and productivity of our team, we ensure they are equipped to give their best, securing your confidence in us as the innovative technology partner by your side.

Does Mercury's remote journey resonate with you? Let's shape the future, one line of code at a time, together - even if it's from a beach-side café, a European mountaintop, or a cozy home office!

Navigating the Full Remote Work Model and Fostering Productivity Modern Nomadic Style
MERCURY TECHNOLOGY SOLUTION, James Huang 10 September, 2023
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Mercury's Bold Leap: Embracing the High Productivity of the Remote Work Revolution