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Our own Transformation

James Huang | 2021.08.06

MERCURY's business partner occasionally ask me: What do MERCURY do?  It seems to them we do almost everything in IT segment.  In reality, we keep transforming.

Business transformation programs have long focused on productivity improvement—taking a “better, faster, cheaper” approach to how the company works. And for good reason: disciplined efforts can boost productivity as well as accountability, transparency, execution, and the pace of decision making. When it comes to delivering fast results to the bottom line, it’s a proven recipe that works.

In fact, MERCURY keep extreme lean operating model which I always proud of, we don't have any secretary, we don't even have any administrative/ accounting staffs, we fully rely on our own ERP system to arrange all daily operation.  In other words, all the team members are in profit center.

The problem is, it’s no longer enough. Digitization, advanced technologies, and other forms of tech-enabled disruption are upending industry after industry, pressuring companies not only to scratch out stronger financial returns but also to remake who and what they are as organizations.

Be Water and Transform

Changing what MERCURY is and does—requires understanding where the value is shifting in our industry (and in others), spotting opportunities in the inflection points, and taking purposeful actions to seize them.

We ramp up our bottom-line performance AND re-defined game-changing portfolio that redefine what MERCURY is and does.  We increase our pricing in December, 2020 and start focus in specific vertical market.  We conduct frog leap approach R&D and innovate our communication approach to tackle business problems. 

Improvement on portfolio

We review our team core-strength and define our own differentiation against competitor.  We no longer conduct "Me-Too" strategy.  We define our own differentiation.  (Differentiation improvement is the other performance-related move, covering innovation in products, services, and business models.)  

On April, 2021, we actively looking for resource allocation and partners to fill our "dots" and offering.  We conduct two big move: provide White-label Technology to Harpia and MERCURY can focus on our R&D instead of conducting sales activity.   In August, 2021, we form a Joint Venture with PPW, the leading global licensing company.  Instead of fulfilling demand, we create demand for our client.

Running against the wind (Luff)

Life is tough with a headwind, and companies in bad economy must run hard just to stand still. Companies in declining industries have a 4 percent chance of moving up but an 18 percent chance of moving down (meaning their net odds are negative 14 percent). Standing still is a terrible idea.  You can’t spend your way out of trouble. Given the added drag of an industry headwind, spending money without thinking through to conduct transformation is like stepping on the accelerator in heavy traffic: you won’t get far and may well crash.

Are you up to the leadership challenge?

Leading a successful transformation requires a lot more than just picking the right moves and seeing them through. Among your other priorities: build momentum, engage your workforce, and make the change personal for yourself and your company. All of this means embracing a level of commitment as a leader that may be unprecedented for you. After we re-defined our portfolio, our top-line improve - by 400% compare with last year and we expect more to come.

Our own Transformation
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