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James Huang | 2021.08.16

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In April 2020, I decisively decided to leave my comfort zone and establish a commercial software company in Hong Kong that distinguishes itself from other companies by focusing on creating and innovating, rather than acting as an agent for sales and marketing. I devoted all my effort to building a proprietary research and development system. It was still a bold decision, and I am grateful that my partners understood my perfectionism.Over the past year, we have tripled our efforts to create a platform and products, and by the end of the year, we expect to generate nearly 33 million yuan in revenue and have a market value of 200 million yuan. This is a confirmation of my business philosophy. In the future, I hope to summarize and share my experiences of the past year through the BossMind column.


Translation: Since the outbreak of the epidemic, we have always hoped that the global epidemic will end one day, the quarantine order will be lifted, and the affected industries will be able to recover. All industries that have been heavily impacted during the epidemic, such as retail, catering, or tourism, may have a belief that "as long as they hold on long enough, they can return to normal, just like before."

Looking back on May 2020, I had a conversation with my British partner Martin, and he said, "Now is the time to start adjusting our mindset. Last year, most of us hoped for a day when the global pandemic would come to an end, restrictions would be lifted, everything would return to normal, and we could travel by plane without wearing masks for leisure. It's as if the global pandemic never happened. But it's becoming increasingly clear that this is unlikely to happen in the next few years. Soon, we may even forget the wonderful time when we could travel without wearing masks." At that time, our catering business in the UK dropped by 99.7%.


As a BossMind reader, we need to approach this potentially emerging "reality" rationally and logically: what will the new world look like if we have to coexist with COVID? 作為BossMind的読者として、私たちは冷静に、論理的にこの現れる可能性のある「現実」に向き合う必要があります:COVIDと共存する場合、新しい世界はどのようになるのでしょうか?

I planned the future of the company using the assumptions mentioned above in June 2020. 私は2020年6月に上記の仮定を使用して企業の未来を計画しました。

1. Choose the right industry.

2. Know your company's strengths. 2. 自社の強みを知る。

3. 「はい」と答えるパートナーを選択する。

4. Position the company as a global enterprise. 4. 企業をグローバル企業として位置づける。






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