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Soteria Safety Platform

Don’t leave safety to chance.
SOTERIA automates essential documentation and process faster than you can say ‘365 days without accident’. Helping you speed up compliance, reduce incidents, and increase worker satisfaction on the job, in real time. 

Soteria is a simple-to-use safety management platform created for the construction industry.

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Software for Safety

Everything your team needs to get the job done safely. Keep documentation together, edit forms on the fly, stay on top of site incidents, empower subcontractors—and reduce paper cuts by 100%

Digital Forms

Say goodbye to paper forms. With Soteria, digital forms are collected, accessed and managed in real-time. Automatic filters and search capabilities help you prepare for audits and answer customer requests at the push of a button.

Asset Management

Manage your field equipment, even when you’re out of office. Soteria ensures that you stay up to date on necessary inspections with asset logbooks, notifications, and preventable maintenance reminders.

Certificate Management

Stop wasting time with manual, excel-based certificate management. Soteria end-to-end certificate management tool includes high-level reporting, expiration management, notifications, and lets you access certificates at any time.

Learning Management

Learning management systems allow administrators to create or upload eLearning courses, as well as assign training modules (such as a COVID training module) to employees. The module is designed to seamlessly capture and manage a wide range of training data—including safety training, PPE and respirator fit testing, certifications and accreditations, and much more.

Proactive Monitoring

Proactive safety inspections, regular auditing, ongoing training, near-miss reporting and active supervision will all form part of a proactive safety management structure.  The module provides scheduling and assign staffs to perform proactive visit.

Corrective  Actions

When relying on spreadsheets and paper-based corrective action systems, the trail for due diligence can be narrow, leaving you vulnerable to mistakes and inaccuracies. With Soteria, you can create a single source of truth for all disciplinary actions assigned. This means that you can easily keep track of all disciplinary actions assigned and monitor their progress. In addition, Soteria allows you to track follow-ups, quick responses, and proof of completion to ensure that everything is done correctly and efficiently. You can also keep track of how long each task takes to complete, which can help you to further optimize your processes and increase your team's productivity.

Compliance Management

Safety compliance is a huge liability. Keep your business safe and secure by monitoring daily activities in real-time. If workers fall behind on forms, you’ll be able to follow up and get those forms completed.

Incident Management

Create incident cases in minutes while linking forms, workers, and subcontractor profiles. Spot incident trends and take action to prevent them from happening again.

Sub Contractor Portal

Don’t waste time chasing after subcontractors. Empower them to submit their own forms or complete yours as needed. You’ll know at a glance who’s compliant and how to follow up if needed.

API to Integrate

We partner with top Hardware and Platform provider to provide an end-to-end solution.  All incident/ alarm generated by the AI platform would trigger internal process flow.

Partners Ready

Soteria's API allows for easy integration with partners, including hardware and platform providers. This means that any incident or alarm generated by the AI platform can trigger internal process flows, making incident management more efficient.

Safety Can't Wait

Interested in learning more? Talk to us today and see how Soteria can transform safety across your entire company.