We offer tailor made solutions that help you run better.

Accelerate Digitality

We develop software for you to succeed in a digital world.  We offer tailor made solutions that help you run better.

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Openness to innovation.

From design to launch.

We are a software engineering consultancy. We help your project succeed by fostering a progressive culture of learning and openness to innovation.

Techniques, workflows, and habits to be more efficient when working and managing digital systems, and to simplify your creative life to perform better.

Digital Transformation

What is Digital Transformation?

Reimagining of business in the digital age is digital transformation. It is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to customers.

MERCURY drive transformation and build businesses by bringing together the capabilities needed to help organisations grow and thrive in the digital age. We help our clients harness the power of data and artificial intelligence, modernise core technology and capitalise on new technology, optimise and automate operations, fuel digital growth, create stunning digital experiences, and build digital talent and culture.

Innovation & Agile Coaching

Agile transformation and Innovation Management are two sides of the same coin. Your priority is not about creating an innovation culture. Your priority is to find the talent that can create, maintain and execute your Innovation Strategy. Work with us because we can understand how much innovation can be disruptive to your internal processes and teams.

One-Stop Solution

The first step is always the hardest, but it is a must to unleash the opportunities waiting ahead. Our platform can help you establish connections with everything, securely expose the various data sources and functions for discovery and reuse in our consolidated solution.

Accelerate Sales & Marketing

Sharpen your Customer Knowledge

Deepen your customer knowledge, spend less time on admin and kickstart easy supervision with smart workflows. Supervise your team easily, maximizing productivity in a truly holistic way.

Harness technology to sharpen sales and marketing targeting

As competition heats up, you need robust and effective strategies to attract customers, keep them engaged, and drive loyalty. We help you build breakthrough marketing and sales strategies and ensure that your team is equipped to deliver on ambitious growth targets.


Greater online visibility, increased traffic, quality leads and, higher conversion rates. That's what we deliver. Our holistic approach to organic search cements the foundations of your online business, putting you in front of the people that matter, and accelerating your growth.

Optimise Your Operations

All-in-One Solution

By taking a business-driven approach to ERP investments, and placing them in the context of the client's operating model, we can ensure that business needs and the ERP program are aligned, creating annual benefits of $100 million in some cases.

We realise successful digital solutions by agilising them: learning to learn and automating what was learned with cutting edge technologies and lean management. 

Our Partners & Clients

Our Partnership Ecosystem provides an end-to-end Solution to our clients.

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