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完成所有任務。 成為Slash一族要在辭職前完成所有任務。

James Huang | 2022.03.07

BossMind x James Huang專欄

零工/炒散/Slash:你有冇一技之長? (Note: The provided text is already in traditional Chinese, which is the writing system used in Taiwan.)

What keywords come to mind when you think of global talent? Graduating from a prestigious MBA program abroad, speaking English fluently like a native, working at a Fortune 100 company, and traveling frequently – are these common traits of global talent? With the COVID-19 pandemic, both the quality and quantity of work have undergone significant change. Rejoining the workforce is no longer a guarantee of stable living. Having a unique skill is a prerequisite for providing personal value and receiving rewards. Even if one cannot have multiple careers and identities like Slash, they should think about having at least one unique skill.


"你興趣喺咩?" 的翻譯是:What is your interest?




First of all, remember this: things that you don't do before resigning, you probably won't do much after resignation. Don't think you can learn new skills after resigning. In fact, no matter how busy you are at work, you can always make time to learn a skill. When you have income/job security, you should start slashing. Slashing, like other businesses, requires constant exploration. Before resigning, you can learn through the following methods.

Make money.

When you have money, learn how to use it. Free things are the most expensive, as they take up your time with poor quality. While there is unlimited free information, courses, and forum discussions online, they tend to only scratch the surface. If you want to delve deeper, consider spending money to buy professional books, receive training from experts, visit professional stores, and buy someone else's accumulated expertise and vision. Purchase proven correct methods that have already been experimented and verified by others. (e.g. attend courses at MIT/LSE to broaden your horizons.)


The translation to zh_TW is: 資源、人脈、平台越多,才越容易實現合作。去認識與技能相關的群體,加入他們,花點時間,或許會有意想不到的收穫。圍爐取暖在自己的圈子,是永遠跳不出去。


Developing a habit and becoming an expert requires 10,000 hours of practice. How much time have you invested in it? After working for a long time, we tend to seek security, have slower reaction speed, lack of autonomy/self-discipline, and rely on others' instructions to act. Without the ability to independently complete a project from start to finish, one can only ever be a screw.

Returning to work is to accumulate funds, connections, resources and skills for oneself. Most people spend their time watching dramas, Facebook or playing mobile games because they don't know what else they can do for themselves. If you want to get rid of existing difficulties, you need to first find yourself and figure out the questions of "who am I", "what do I want to do", and "how should I do it".

If you plan to immigrate, fluent English is necessary. 如果你計劃移民,流利的英語是必須的。