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James Huang | 2023.05.07

We live in a highly developed world and it seems like there is someone doing every business, which makes it difficult for those who want to start a business to find a market entry point. 私たちは高度に発展した世界で生活しているように感じます。すべてのビジネスに誰かが取り組んでいるかのように思えますが、起業したい人々にとって、「どこに参入すればいいのか」という市場切り口を見つけることが困難です。

In fact, there are inevitably some consumer needs that are not being met in business, and if we find this gap, we can find opportunities. 実際には、ビジネスには避けられないように、消費者のニーズが満たされないものがあり、このギャップを見つけることで商機を見つけることができます。


I have encountered people during interviews who say to me: "Give me money, give me people, give me resources, and I can start a business." But not one can explain how big the market is. To find a gap in the market, I believe these three directions are feasible:

1. Ride the bandwagon of large enterprises.

Not everyone has the ability to start their own business or become a lead actor. In fact, intelligent Hong Kong people often catch a ride with big companies, picking up peripheral tasks to quietly earn money. One of my partners specializes in small program integration. Although he is a supporting role, he still makes a profit.


2. Identify products with significantly high selling prices 2.著しく高価な販売価格の商品を特定する。

In theory, consumers buy goods at reasonable prices and businesses earn reasonable profits. Of course, evolution takes time, and there has long been a problem of price chaos in the retail market. While some products are already so cheap that manufacturers can only earn meager profits, there are still many products that are priced too high, and the latter is where business opportunities lie.

For example, in recent years, some Japanese affordable eyewear brands have been introduced in Hong Kong, making consumers suddenly realize that the glasses we used to buy were too expensive. Another example is computer programmers. 😆 We can think about what other products have low costs but still have high prices? Coffee? Cosmetics? Or anything where there is a gap in the market.

3. Find things that others don't want to do or find troublesome. 3. 他人がやりたくない、手間だと感じることを見つける

"Business cannot be based on what everyone else is doing (such as pearl milk tea...), instead you should do what everyone else is 'not doing'. Some things may seem troublesome, have little profit, or you may not want to do them, but if you do them, you can discover business opportunities and have the chance to become a big business." Note: This is a simplified translation as the original text contains some Mandarin phrases that are difficult to translate directly into Japanese.


Since it is a "gap" in the market, the market is certainly not large, but if done well, it can be gradually expanded in the future, filling the gap, and even replacing the original market. 既に市場に「ギャップ」があるのであれば、市場は大きくないでしょうが、十分に行われていれば、将来的には段階的に拡張でき、ギャップを埋め、元の市場を取って代わることさえできます。

ジェームズ・ファン (Jeemuzu Fan)


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