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Multimodal AI - One for All

Empower businesses to create cutting-edge neural search, generative AI, and multimodal services using state-of-the-art LMOps, MLOps and cloud-native technologies.

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Multimodal AI is the Future

Multimodal data is everywhere: from simple tweets to photos on instagram, short videos on TikTok, audio snippets, Zoom meeting records, PDFs with figures, your handcraft drawing, 3D meshes in games.

It is rich and powerful, but that power often hides behind different modalities and incompatible data formats. To enable high-level AI applications, one needs to solve search and create first.  (One-for-All)

Universal Neural Search uses AI to find what you need. A description of a sunrise can match a picture, or a photo of a rose can match a song.

Generative AI/Creative AI uses AI to make what you need. It can create an image from a description, or write poems from a picture.

Jarvis AI uses AI to achieve your goal.  You can set up the initial role and goals for your AI buddy, without human's supervision, it will automatically leverage all of the resources it has to achieve your goal.

Generative AI/ Creative AI

Here are some use cases for better understanding what AI can do in your web via our CMS platform

Generate SEO description

Write an SEO description with a maximum of 165 characters for a blog post titled "Vegan coffee with meat". Please use human-like language.

Short product descriptions

Write a short description with multiple paragraphs for the product "Long cork wallet with flowers pattern" in maximum 120 words.

Generate featured image

Generate 10 images with a happy detective and full background.

Generate blog posts

Write a 400-500 word blog post with paragraphs about "Celebrate 2023 new year in Slovenia" with the SEO keyword "New year in Slovenia". Please use human-like language.

Localised post content

Write a blog post with the keywords "vegan chocolate", "vegan proteins", "vegetarian menu", and "store in New York". Please use sleng and paragraphs. The post should be in Spanish.

Generate reviews

Write a positive customer review for the "Philips HD9350 / 90 kettle" that is 10-50 words long. Please use sleng.