Our Services

MERCURY develops ERP, CRM, WMS, e-commerce, and marketplace solutions based on open source technologies. We specialize in the implementation of complex enterprise software applications for global corporations. We support our customers in the development of digital business models and consistently rely on agile methods. In long-term agile projects, we execute innovative solutions with automated and digitalized processes together with our customers.

Strategy & Consulting

Companies often have impressive ideas and ambitious goals, especially when digitalizing their business models. To turn these (product-) visions into reality, we start the process with a workshop phase. Aim: To jointly develop a strategy for implementing those visions.

Business Process Re-engineering

BPR seeks to help companies radically restructure their organizations by focusing on the ground-up design of their business processes. Re-engineering emphasized a holistic focus on business objectives and how processes related to them, encouraging full-scale recreation of processes rather than iterative optimization of sub-processes.

Software Architecture

The software architecture is the most important decision in the software design process. A well-designed software architecture forms the basis for software that can perform in the long term. The architecture is especially important in complex development, where it ensures consistent quality, extensibility, and sustainability of the software.

Digital Ads Optimisation

Social Media Optimization for Facebook & Instagram

Easy A/B testing and social ad management lead to optimized results that our system summarizes for you.  Further, instead of micro manage your adset, our AI would automatically find out facts and figures around high performing ad components automatically so you can better allocate your ad spend.

SEO Optimisation

MERCURY Atlas is our machine learning optimization suite that never stops searching for ways to get better campaign results. From lower CPCs to more conversions, you’ll get intelligent bid and budget management 24/7.

UX & Design

Client-focused, creating user and customer experiences designed to have engaging user interfaces (UI) and deliver tangible business results, MERCURY helps brands navigate any and all facets of the digital landscape.

Payment & Fulfilment

Fulfillment and payment are critical elements in E-Commerce. Processes must be optimally integrated and automated – across all channels and with interfaces with all relevant customer, order, and delivery data. We will implement the optimal fulfillment- and payment solutions for you.

API Development

Linking systems and software, and the communication and data exchange between them, is complex and often difficult to control. Systems integration with an API as an integration layer simplifies the connection of any number of systems, reduces the complexity, and allows the data exchange even with different data formats. 

DevOps & Operation

The increasing digitization of corporate processes and business models requires continuous management of software, Web, and mobile applications while offering flexible adaptability. DevOps comprises operations and further development of the application across its entire lifecycle.  MERCURY provides service on top of DevOps.

Cloud & IT Infrastructures

IT infrastructures usually consist of a pool of single solutions that are operated independently of one another. By interconnecting internal solutions, companies benefit from perfectly synchronized systems, which communicate optimally with each other and thus reduce complexity. Together with MERCURY, you are able to map all of your enterprise systems as well as external cloud architectures in a common infrastructure.

Agile Development

Large IT projects are complex and can only be conditionally planned at the start of the project, as many requirements are still unknown and others arise during development. Successful project management, therefore, requires an approach that presumes from the outset that changes will occur.  MERCURY project manager, based on agile methods, manage your project n which a continuous adaptation of the requirements during the development phase is taken into account. 

System Integration/ EDI

MERCURY offers extensive services for the integration of solutions into system environments and for the connection of all relevant interfaces. We offer global companies advantages in the creation of complex solutions, in which all systems are optimally coordinated with each other. Thanks to an architecture consisting of different integration layers, internal systems can easily be integrated with cloud solutions.

Customer Care Outsourcing

Good customer service is a competitive advantage and key to success. It is therefore a “must-have” for professional external representation of companies and should be structured efficiently and flexibly with optimal workflows. Professional customer service with MERCURY helps companies quickly and competently answer customer queries. 

Fulfillment Outsourcing

MERCURY analyses and optimizes your E-Commerce platform and supplements it with a customized fulfillment solution that can be quickly and flexibly implemented. Together with our experienced partners, you will receive a complete E-Commerce solution from a single source, which covers the entire portfolio for online retail – from E-Commerce and order management to omnichannel fulfillment.

We are fully compliant with the GDPR laws. We promise to safeguard your data and protect your privacy rights.