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Global Trade Services Software


The client, an asset-light supply chain services company with 65 billion (RMB) per annum revenue, which serves the High Tech Industry is looking for a suite of solution on handling both account receivable, payables and logistics supply chain.

Enriching Insights. Enabling Success.

Many organizations are studying their payables and payments processes in search of opportunities to improve their performance and increase the health of their financial supply chains. MERCURY works closely with client to provide a customised solution that help our client to navigate the complexities of their receivables and payables environment by providing automated approval, cross-document checking and supporting services, further, we integrate the compliance requirement process and help our client reach their business goals.

MERCURY Supply Chain Solution

We provide a set of analytics tools and trade solution that help buying organizations and their suppliers manage the payables financial supply chain. Our tailor made engine provides powerful analytics to help buying organizations drive improved process, payment and Working Capital results. We also help organizations and their suppliers achieve lower costs, improved controls, and increased returns and optimized Working Capital.

Our solution provides:

  • World-class payables analytic capabilities

  • Decreases accounts payable costs and reduces cycle time

  • Increases visibility, audits and controls across your financial supply chain

  • Increase account receivables and visibility across organisation.

Supporting Solutions

We perform analytics that use payment data flows and supplier profiles to identify improvement opportunities in Working Capital Management,

Payment Automation and Payable Strategy

Accounts Payable (AP) Process Automation: Organizations can reduce invoice processing costs and accounts payable cycle times and move to a more effective payables process.  We automate the invoice creation and follow-up with client on scatter payment and goods receive situation.

Supplier Enablement

MERCURY team leverages industry best-in-class processes and API integration for enabling suppliers to retrieve up-to-date information.

Trade Solutions

Logistics Processing: Our unique proposition provides an integrated suite to interconnect the payment process with the logistics process throughout the supply chain.

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Global Trade Services Software
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