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Operation Efficiency in Architecture and Engineering field


Ensuring productivity and growth is essential for architecture and engineering teams. The industry requires a high level of precision, full legal compliance, and strict adherence to deadlines. Using architecture project management software has been invaluable for boosting employee productivity across the board.

As with a wide range of other fields, architecture and engineering have been revolutionized by innovations in the last decades, and particularly in recent years. From Building Information Modelling (BIM) to the Internet of Things (IoT), new technology has introduced incomparably faster and more efficient ways to handle even the mundane tasks. Not to mention the ability to more easily craft complicated designs. In fact, it has made complex or impossible projects become a reality.

MERCURY is proud to announce a close collaboration with Atelier E to setup their project management tools for their architects and engineers.  With the tool, we aim to save time wasted on administrative and routine tasks, optimise workflows, and simply deliver better projects to clients.

MERCURY Operation Efficiency tool (Arch) is a project management and accounting software for project-based businesses tailored for the needs of architects and engineers.  With our solution, you can take care of job costing and planning with ease. The platform also offers live project performance tracking based on live timesheets, expenses and purchase invoices. It helps managers handle resource planning, as well as organize the workload schedule of their teams. In addition, we provides architectural and engineering companies with CRM and opportunity management tools, invoicing options, and business intelligence data.


MERCURY Technology Solution helps our clients across the entire technology stack with differentiated industry solutions.  We modernize IT, build applications, optimize data architectures, and make everything secure, scalable, and orchestrated across public, private, and hybrid clouds.

The enterprise technology stack includes ERP; Cloud and Security Services; Applications and Industry IP; Data, Analytics, and Advisory Services.  We combine years of experience running mission-critical systems with the latest digital innovations to deliver better business outcomes and new levels of performance, competitiveness, and experiences for our clients and their stakeholders.

Our team discussed every single detail to make sure our proposed solution is the most versatile and tailored solution for you.  Our Solution is more than an IT tool, It is like a daily system for your company to operate a business of any niche, easily.  

About Atelier E

Our focus is to realise client’s dream by providing a complete service via our holistic approach: from assisting our client to create a realistic brief, detail design and final production to achieve the highest standard.

Atelier E understands that every single client has their individual vision of lifestyle. Through persistent dialogue with our client throughout the project, we strive to bring that vision to life and ensure the end result is unique and individual to provide the desired personal spaces to our client.

We also understand the importance of detailing. We analyse every single joints and surfaces to ensure that they will stand the test of time with their robustness and smoothness in their operation and make it delightful to see and touch.

Atelier E has established working partnership (or relationship) with some of the most skilful and thoughtful contractor in the industry. Together we ensure the final result, the realisation of the vision, is long lasting, easy to maintain and yet suitable and delightfully comfortable to end users We also expertise in branding, advertising, publication, website design and all sorts of multimedia production, hence we provide one-stop solution in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional.


Enoch Hui received his architectural training at the University of Bath and practiced architecture and interior design in both the UK and Hong Kong. He found Atelier E in the year 2009, where every project is a symphony of sequential and intertwining spaces with unique and refined detailing carefully arranged to produce a journey of discovery. This approach reflect Hui’s motto that life is full of joy, so enjoy it as much as you can, while you can. - and very much the same idea he always wants his client to experience in his design.

Enoch is a full member of the Hong Kong Designers Association HKDA, an executive committee of Hong Kong Interior Design Association HKIDA and the chairman of Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards APIDA. He has received numerous local and international awards and he was selected as a winner in Perspective’s 40 under 40 Recognition 2013. He has also been a guest critic for design institutes at home and in the UK.

Operation Efficiency in Architecture and Engineering field
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