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Building a Century-Long Company

Mercury's Way

James Huang | 2023.09.09

In the current digital age, it's not just enough to build a company that lasts for years or decades. It's essential to create an organization that can endure for a century. At Mercury, we firmly believe in this principle, and we have developed a unique approach that combines both speed and longevity.

Understanding the Future

As a forward-thinking organization, we recognize the importance of keeping up with industry trends. By analyzing market movements and making calculated projections, we can identify opportunities and capitalize on them.

At Mercury, we understand that emerging technologies like AI, Blockchain, and Digital Marketing are not just trends; they are the future of business operations. Seizing these opportunities allows us to consolidate our foothold in the market and position ourselves as leaders in the industry.

Crafting a Vision

At Mercury, we believe that a compelling vision is essential for driving innovation and fueling growth. Our vision is to accelerate digitality, a direction that aligns with the opportunities presented by emerging trends.  Client's success is our sccess.

Every innovation, every product we develop, is a step towards realizing this vision. We are committed to turning our vision into concrete digital solutions that our clients can leverage to succeed.

Building a Strong Foundation

At Mercury, we understand that a sustainable business model and a culture of innovation are critical to our long-term success. To remain relevant, we foster an environment that encourages originality and adaptability. We encourage our staff to spend time during "Creative Hours" and automate "Admin/Management Hours" as much as possible.  Further, we compensate our staffs with revenue sharing model on every creativity created.

Our culture of innovation is reflected in every aspect of our organization, from our work processes to our products and services. With each innovation, we make indelible imprints in the IT landscape.

Investing in People

At Mercury, we recognize that our workforce is the backbone of our organization. That's why we invest in talented, passionate individuals and nurture a collaborative work environment. We encourage ongoing learning and provide opportunities for our staff to grow and develop their skills.

Our people are not only our backbone but our first line of innovation. Passionate dreamers and fervent doers, they help us turn visions into reality.

Focusing on Customers and Partners

At Mercury, we prioritize client satisfaction above all else. We understand that a misstep in customer satisfaction can reverse years of hard-earned loyalty. That's why we take the time to understand our clients' needs and ensure that our solutions meet their needs.

We focus on customer and partners feedback as the map on the course to improvement, constantly looking for ways to better our services, innovate our products and exceed expectations.

At Mercury, we are committed to building a system that serves everyone, from employees to clients to the extended community. We understand where the world is heading, and we are bridging it with our vision and firm structure. Our culture of innovation and adaptability allows us to weather any fluctuations in the market and stay relevant in the IT arena.

Our aim is to remain dominant in the industry, not just for 100 years, but to make each year count. That is the Mercury way.

Building a Century-Long Company
MERCURY TECHNOLOGY SOLUTION, James Huang 9 September, 2023
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