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Framework of Professional Service Firm Website

James Huang | 2020.07.28

Perspective. People. And, Past Experience are the framework we use to think about the content and basic functionality of a modern website for a professional services firm. While the framework itself is fairly straightforward, how you think about each of its components has important implications on how you design your site, the technology you use to drive it, and your long-term content strategy. 

Marketing a professional services firm is like love romance opera, it is about putting the right person, with the right expertise in the right place at the right time.”

Client is expressing a need in relationship to expertise, experience, location, and timing.  Here are the common questions they would ask:

1. Does this firm have the expertise I need?

2. Do they have demonstrable experience solving problems similar in nature to mine?

3. Do they have an existing or unique perspective about problems or projects like mine?

4. Do they have people on staff who’ve dealt with similar challenges or projects before?

5. Do they look like people we could work with or would be interested in working with?

All you need is to delivering all 3 aspects through the web experience in a way that is comprehensive, yet elegant and compelling.

Framework of Professional Service Firm Website
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