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How NFT be a game changer?

James Huang | 2022.04.11

NFTs are growing faster than we think they are. The popularity is at all time high and is attracting massive attention across the world.  As far as the scope is concerned, It has unquestionably benefited licenses and intellectual property. Users will soon purchase their dream home using non-fungible tokens and then borrow against it via decentralized financing. Furthermore, NFTs are on their way to uncovering a plethora of opportunities, liquidity, and value in practically every industry.

NFT Have Many Advantages

• NFTs aren’t the copyright
• NFTs aren’t the same as DRM
• A public record of ownership and transactions that cannot be changed
• Creators may be able to earn new types of royalties because the system is programmable
• NFTs have the potential to reshape the traditional transaction and contract form.
• Tracing the provenance of fine goods is a specialty of ours
• Virtual property and gaming
• Ownership and transfer of augmented reality

Future of business With NFTs
Businesses have benefited from the flexibility of NFTs, with the NFT mix for e-commerce, CRM and ERP providing more lucrative prospects. Customers should be able to explore the world of NFTs in the future, according to the e-commerce industry. With the advent of eCommerce technology and Blockchain technology, a happily married future of both these areas is evident, and the early movers can create long-term advantages making quick inroads.

Develop NFT for business
The following are some examples of how NFTs can be used in Traditional business and Web2 platforms.

1. Gratification in a flash
Rapid e-commerce delivery will never be able to compete with the immediacy of purchasing things in-store and bringing them home. Even with same-day delivery alternatives, consumers experience the friction of delayed gratification, making it more difficult for firms that are unable to achieve such tight delivery deadlines to compete.
eCommerce businesses can cover this experience gap with their hybridized product assortment of NFTs and tangible items. Customers can take immediate possession of tangible things that include virtual NFT. Even while physical products take many days to arrive, their virtual counterparts do not.
Even if physical things take several days to arrive, their virtual counterpart allows customers to be more creative with their purchases.
Merchants can expand the scope of their product catalogue while increasing their profit margin on every sale by offering free shipment or storage.

2. Verification of the Product
These NFTs become interesting in industries that regularly suffer from undercutting in this competitive online marketplace thanks to blockchain-based verification mechanisms.
As an example, Fast fashion brands are undermining couture designers.  The perceived worth of clothing that uses NFTs for both personal signature and deed of ownership will increase.

3. Twinning NFT with Physical Products
When NFTs are combined with real-world products, brands may appeal to both early adopters and a large traditional client base. Nike will combine real-life footwear with NFT counterparts, allowing buyers to experience digital artwork purchases in new ways.

4. Loyalty Programs with Added Value
Loyalty programs have been in place on many platform since the beginning as a way to encourage repeat purchases.  Over 40% of consumers do not participate in loyalty programs due to a perceived lack of value.
To be effective, a loyalty program must provide true value, which means allowing users to redeem their hard-earned points in a variety of ways.
As a result, offering NFTs and NFT-based collectibles adds a new layer to loyalty programs by providing consumers with unique goods that they won’t find anywhere else. By not just limiting monetary changes, this may generate exclusivity and give value to the loyalty program.

5. Augmented Reality/ Virtual Showroom adds value to NFTs
AR has already been used in lots of e-platform experience, With hybrid of physical and digital, These NFTs give businesses an extra step by allowing them to see their products in 3D.

How NFTs Can Help You Build Community
NFTs are making a huge impact in the business world. We haven’t seen this large an impact or this level of excitement about an innovation since the advent of social media. It feels like the very early days of Facebook or Twitter.

Primarily, NFTs allow businesses to create digital proof of ownership, attendance, and even transference to different experiences they offer their customers.

Additionally, NFTs are transparent and instant. The smart contract coded into the token can’t be edited or altered, which means the business that created that token will always see the return whenever that token is sold. If people purchase an NFT and later decide to transfer that NFT to a third party, the business will still receive a share of the transaction as written into the smart contract.

The business can still earn revenue just based on the fact that the experience it created for its audience is being accessed and enjoyed, even if that access wasn’t purchased directly through one of its sales funnels.

With NFTs, businesses are also offering their audience a chance to buy into their community. This is a much deeper connection than people who simply purchase a subscription. Buying into a community essentially gives that member partial ownership of that community. The members help determine the value of the community based on how many tokens they hold, as well as their asking price when they sell off their tokens after they no longer need access.

How NFT be a game changer?
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