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Making the Transition from Digital to Physical Products

James Huang | 2021.08.24

In a world that is becoming increasingly digital, filled with apps, notifications, status updates, and email newsletters, a physical product has become somewhat of an afterthought. But perhaps it is our answer to cutting through the clutter. That doesn’t simply mean you can translate what’s physical into digital and hope to grab somebody’s attention. Junk mail is still junk mail. For a physical product to truly cut through the clutter and make in an impact, it must be a work of art. But when we receive something in the mail that is truly beautiful, cuts through the clutter, it overwhelms us with joy and we can’t help but talk about it.

The item bought my attention is McDonald Freemium - Mirror Collector Card.  I’m a big fan of physical products. They are like souvenirs for your brand. While they won’t make you rich and are probably not a sustainable long term business model, they create a connection with your customer that you just don’t get through something digital.

Making the Transition from Digital to Physical Products
MERCURY TECHNOLOGY SOLUTION, James Huang 24 August, 2021
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