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Mastering SEO with Mercury: Six Targeted Techniques to Exercise Today

James Huang | 2023.10.05

It’s been said that SEO is a fleeting tactic. Yet, this couldn't be farther from reality. SEO persists and thrives. To rise in search rankings, engaging, high-quality content is non-negotiable. Still, a checklist of crucial SEO strategies can fuel your venture to heighten organic search traffic. Here's how Mercury Technology Solution can be your steadfast collaborator.

Leveraging Keywords and Metadata:

Getting search engines to correctly comprehend your business is rule one.

Before, keywords populated metadata tags, weighing on the relevance of search responses. Now, Google leans more towards keyword integration in content rather than leftover metadata tags. Here’s our game plan at Mercury:

1. We carry out thorough market research and competitor analysis, concocting a keyword dictionary principally aligned to your business. 2. We embed these keywords purposefully across your website and social networks.
3. To maintain organic flow and avoid penalties for overuse, we lean on relevant, synonymous phrases supporting your main keyword. 
4. Our experts stress on placing your keyword in-page titles, URL, ALT tags for media files, and distinctively the H1 tag - the most prominent text on a page.
5. We consistently monitor keyword interaction trends, refining your keyword selection, and website content consequently.

Curating Quality Links:

Assert your relevance and credibility by quality link-building.

Valuable link-building prompts search engines to perceive your website as more vital and germane. They're not merely badges to wear, but flags announcing your domain worth to search engine crawlers. Here's how link building operates with Mercury:

1. We direct relevant, high-ranking inbound links to your website. These attest the essentiality of your site, consequently improving your site's SEO score.
2. Instead of aimlessly routing to the homepage, we construct links to specific, keyword-rich landing pages within your site.


Aid search engines to track your productive pages proficiently.

Aiding search engines with prioritized indexing is beneficial, despite their advanced capabilities. At Mercury, we ensure this via:

1. Development of a sitemap: A structured map allowing crawlers rapid and efficient site navigation. 
2. Use of Robots.txt, a potent instrument in directing crawlers' traffic and isolating sections of your site from search engine indexes.

Strengthening Mobile Visibility

Our focus is to ensure robust visibility and UX regardless of the user's device. We achieve this by:

1. Abandoning plugins and leveraging HTML configurations, viewable by mobile devices.
2. Practising Responsive Web Design, confirming that your site's display adapts to diverse viewing environments.

Responsive Web Design and Readability 

Your website must accommodate an adaptive layout for the variation in viewer interfaces. At Mercury, we prioritize optimal font sizing and amiable mobile device visibility.

Amplifying Page Speed

Accelerating "Page Speed," which mainly hinges on the optimization rule application and HTML rendering efficiency, could potentially boost search preferences for your website. Our expert web design team can scan your site’s speed metrics and enhance it seamlessly.

With Mercury Technology Solutions, your SEO strategy will not just be competent, but razor-sharp, and perpetually relevant in this fast-paced digital landscape. Let us bolster your brand visibility and digital presence using our strategic and cutting-edge SEO techniques.

Mastering SEO with Mercury: Six Targeted Techniques to Exercise Today
MERCURY TECHNOLOGY SOLUTION, James Huang 5 October, 2023
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