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NFTs could enable studios to raise money for physical designs

James Huang | 2021.05.10

We're living in an age of efficiency and profitability and creativity gets not nearly valued enough, with the large social media platform, there would have been a very interesting way of creating alternative stream of revenue.

I’m convinced about its opportunities and what it means for creators which work like entrepreneur, especially young, small offices like ours.

Thanks to the emergence of technology.  NFTs offered small creative offices a potentially lucrative source of revenue.

Creators are now entrepreneurs, able to take risks in pursuit of new impressions, ideas and creations.  Today, free from a reliance on having to work as part of large organisation, creators have the means to liberate themselves by venturing out alone, testing new idea, abandoning old ones. Like entrepreneurs in any business, they can never be complacent.

NFTs could allow creators to sell digital versions of their designs and use the money to build real versions.  In the long run, it also widens the playground immensely with the designing of the digital world.

NFTs still represent a new technology and phenomenon, and many consider their effects on the prices of art, music, and collectibles to be driven by primacy such as the first of its kind NFT album or song. Notably, this focus on primacy is not new in the world of art as collectors have long valued first-edition books, vinyl records, and more.

In addition to providing an equitable payment method for creators and a new revenue stream outside the purview of large organisation, NFTs also open the door for creators to explore new and creative ways to release their works and create collaborative one-of-a-kind art pieces to share with fans. 

NFTs could enable studios to raise money for physical designs
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