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Pioneering Digital Innovation Across Industries

James Huang | 2024.04.21

At Mercury Technology Solutions, our client base spans a diverse range of sectors—including Arts & Creative, Media and Journalism, Professional Services, Logistics, Supply Chain, Trading, and Retail. Our dedication to crafting successful digital solutions hinges on our agility—constantly learning and integrating these learnings with advanced technologies and streamlined management.

Unlike others who may view technology in isolation, we at Mercury approach it as a collaborative vertical. We team up with our partners, including creative agencies and technology providers, to craft customized solutions that truly meet our clients' unique needs.

We were trailblazers in the integration of physical goods with blockchain technology through our ARTe Tag solution, launched in mid-2021 to combat counterfeiting. This solution demands the amalgamation of various technological sectors, such as blockchain, NFC (Near Field Communication), and IoT (Internet of Things). In the IoT domain, we leverage Google Cloud’s robust capabilities, which seamlessly integrate IoT with transportation via Google Maps. This synergy not only saves us valuable development time but also empowers us to leverage publicly available data to swiftly create comprehensive solutions.

At Mercury, we always seek to utilize existing best-in-class technological building blocks. Google Cloud presents an exceptional range of tools and datasets that are accessible without initial expenses—ideal for companies aiming to provide sophisticated technology solutions to their audiences without starting from scratch. This approach fast-tracks the deployment and showcases the benefits of agile solution development.

In late 2022, we incorporated Large Language Models (LLM) into our AI development, enhancing our email marketing and SEO solutions. This integration was met with enthusiasm from our clients, prompting us to extend it into a comprehensive marketing solution specifically designed for the automotive industry. We focus on understanding specific challenges our clients face and then create targeted solutions to address those needs.

By mid-2023, we had developed a business solution that seamlessly connects physical and digital marketing efforts, ensuring a consistent customer experience whether online or in-store. We successfully executed a proof of concept in Macau within just a month, followed by a complete implementation in Hong Kong. Further deployments across the region are set for 2024.

As AI technology continues to evolve rapidly globally, businesses are in dire need of reliable partners who can help them enhance their operations and increase their market share. Mercury Technology Solutions provides the necessary tools and solutions to not only navigate but also lead in the digital landscape.

At Mercury Technology Solutions, we are not just about providing technology; we are about crafting success stories in the digital realm. Join us on this journey of innovation and watch your business reach new heights. "Accelerate Digitality" with Mercury.

Pioneering Digital Innovation Across Industries
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