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Privacy Recipe

James Huang | 2020.07.21

There are times when you need to create a new identity on the internet. For instance, if you are targeted by harassers online, to prevent them from stalking or doxxing you, you may want an account that they cannot trace so you can stay safe on and off line. This was once easy to do when the internet allowed you to be anyone you wanted. Fast forward to now, it seems online services are trying to find every way to collect your personal information, profile you, track what you do, and make money out of your data and behaviors. This is especially true with apps. Almost all chatting apps or social media platforms ask you for your mobile phone number to create or verify an account. Phone numbers are very unique and can make it easier for bad actors to find you online.

Your online alias should have a name, mailing address, date of birth, email address, phone number and perhaps a profile photo. For the name, consider a popular name that comes up frequently in search engines, if you need inspiration look at popular names by country. For mailing address, consider the address of a public library. For date of birth, doesn’t matter that much, the most common birhdate is September 9th. For email address, phone number, and profile photo. we will create a new information below. Keep all these pieces of information in one secure place.

In this guide, you will find how to create untraceable online accounts and protect your real identity: This is achieved in three simple steps:

1) get a phone number disconnected from your personal information, 

2) create a secure email address detached from your real identity, and 

3) use them to get a Skype/ Twilio number for any new pseudonymous accounts you want to make.


1 visa/mastercard gift card or credit card not linked to you. (500HKD)

1 new/used smartphone thats not already linked to you (Buy in cash, best in SSP and not in chain store)

1 internet connected device, laptop, or computer.

1 Prepaid SIM card (Buy in cash, best in SSP/ Jordan and not in chain store

2 hours of your time.

Step 1:

With this SIM card’s number and a new / used phone that doesn’t connect to your identity, you can already make accounts that are not tied to your personal identifiable information on services such as as Telegram, Signal, Whatsapp, Gmail, and more.  

NOTE: telcos can use a phone’s IMEI number to connect ALL SIM cards used on that phone.

NOTE 2: telcos can identify the new, unknown SIM by looking for the number that went offline right before this new number goes online. 

Step 2:

Another important step in creating a new online persona is to have an email address that doesn’t trace back to you.  Always use VPN to connect to that Email services.  I used Tor.

Step 3:

Migrate your EXISTING phone number on WhatsApp is a good way to CUT your history with the new identity.  But I WON'T use the SIM card purchased.  I setup a Twillo/ Skype number which supports CALL and SMS IN/ OUT.  The number can be a US/ UK or Japan number.  I register the Twillo and Skype Service with the Gift card I purchased and pay 1 year in advance and use the number to register WhatsApp and Telegram account.

Privacy Recipe
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