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Why is ERP system better than what we’re using now?

James Huang | 2020.12.25

There’s one common refrain we hear from buyers using disparate systems to conduct their processes: “Why is an ERP system better than what we’re using now?”

We are glad that you asked.

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Use business data to improve and strengthen security

Modern ERP systems offer advanced user-permission settings.  (Permission Setting) No more unsecured Excel sheets and Google documents for your financial or inventory needs.

ERP software is more secure and robust for these functions, and setting user permissions through ERP’s access control functionality can prevent sensitive data from ending up in the wrong hands; users will be able to access only what they need to from the system.

Knowledge Sharing

Mis-Communication cost company not just money, it would also make customer frustrate and also hammer for revenue growth.  Instead of playing "ping-pong" among departments, it is wise to communicate efficiently.  Our ERP has a deepen communication and project coordination capabilities plus & Helpdesk which provide visibility to management on how the communication being handle. 

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Why is ERP system better than what we’re using now?
MERCURY TECHNOLOGY SOLUTION, James Huang 25 December, 2020
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