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Launch event with TIXLY Platform


Launch events with TIXLY and reach your audience.  MERCURY is proud to announce our White-Labeled ticketing end to end solution for you to succeed with your online, offline or hybrid events worldwide. 

Our software is end-to-end and provide a holistic package of solutions that are versatile enough to be suitable for any type of event organiser.

Online Registration and Ticketing

Use our versatile and user-friendly platform to create professional event websites to impress your guests!

Our platform makes it a breeze for anyone to customise their own event web page - even non-designers! From there, maintain seamless communication with your guests via email.  Viewing and downloading your reports are also made as easy as possible.

We support ticket class, seat planning, email communication template, agenda builder and sponsor page for you to setup in a breeze.

Manage your event online

Captivate your online and offline audience with our powerful event management tools.  Our integrated Sales/ Invoice platform would assist you to integrate both online and offline ticket selling, further, our in-build accounting software would help you to track and manage the expense of the event and provide realtime reporting for event organiser.

Check-in and Badging

We know that attendance data is crucial for organisers. Our solution seamlessly combines attendance tracking and badge printing at your event.  We support QR Code ticketing and Email deliver to your attendees.

Launch event with TIXLY Platform
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