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MERCURY provides online managed service platform for Dimension Plus


Many artists struggle with the marketing end of their work.  Artist should focus on art creation for create art. His/ her team would help to taking care other tasks to share more audience. 

That’s where we comes in. We are taking care of the online marketing end of things for artists, so that they, in turn, can focus on what they do best: creating art.

Keith Lam, the co-founder of Dimension Plus, came to us looking for a solution that would allow him to easily manage and integrate the various aspects of her business, from showcasing upcoming events and promoting artists.  The revised solution would also have to make it easy for him to manage the content and interact with their audience.

In just under a week, we created a CMS + CRM platform for Dimension Plus that provides the functionality necessary for this business to run smoothly and effortlessly online.  Our platform fully integrate with SEO and Analytics platform, it allows artist to understand their audience and communicate with them.

Dimension Plus, a bi-cities base New Media Arts team founded by new media artist Keith Lam (Hong Kong) and curator Escher Tsai (Taiwan) at 2009.

Specialising in art creation and curation, Dimension Plus has been awarded in numerous art and design festival including The Best Design of the Year of Taiwan Golden Pin Design Award, Best Gold of Macau Design Award, Tokyo TDC, Asia Digital Arts Awards Japan, Design for Asia Award Hong Kong and German Design Award etc, exhibited around the world include Ars Electronica Festival, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Venice Toolkit Festival, Hong Kong Visual Art Centre and MOCA Taipei etc.

The website shall be live in early December, 2021. https://dimensionplus.co

MERCURY provides online managed service platform for Dimension Plus
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