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New Partnership Announcement: Nanonets

James Huang | 2022.05.03

IWe released a blog post comparing the Optical Character Recognition aka OCR software of some of the biggest tech companies around the world such as Amazon and Microsoft. They were all outperformed by an Intelligent OCR software called Nanonets! At Mercury we only want the best for our clients which is why today we are delighted to announce we are partnering with Nanonets!

Intelligent OCR
Unlike traditional OCR technology which will bulk parse out (analyse) structured text, Nanonets removes these set templates and requirements for structured PDFs and instead promotes you to build models so it can pick out the relevant information you need. When you give Nanonets some unseen production data it will magically pull out the desired fields. It really is a “wow moment” when you first see it in action and these dynamically named or positioned fields are recognized and perfectly read by the Nanonets software.

We are working closely with our client to perform some great use cases:
> Extracting KYC data from passports, licenses and utility documents.
> Identifying and parsing all tabular data from a series of PDFs.
> Pulling required data from legacy document from multiple supplier formats.
> Capture competitor invoices and perform analysis.

The first step for us was integrating Nanonets with our ERP/ CRM. We now have a seamless passing of images or files to Nanonets and returning the structured data back into ERP/CRM to carry on with your data processes. The next step for us is to integrate with our sister company: Kaon, which provide multi-channel social network integration, you can imagine your customer services team no longer need to prase the data from the image(s).

New Partnership Announcement: Nanonets
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