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Webstore, Order Management and SEO


The client, a company founded by Hong Kong designers, provides brand building service, and design their ready-to-wear products for wholesale and retail. 

The retail business has been conducted through pop up event, cross over collaboration with corporate and through consignment. 

There was a new series of product to be launched by this client. With the covid-19 pandemic, traditional retail/wholesale through face to face transaction cannot sustain. This is paramount to transition the business from traditional brick and mortar to online, starting from this new product series launch, as consumer’s behavior/preference to buy online has gradually becoming a long-term norm.

With the rising online demand, the eCommerce solution needs to be scalable; the reliability of the hosting, and web store functionality from order to fulfillment really matter.

The potential in online business growth meant the need of adding skilled team members to help support the business – the eCommerce solution backed need to be user friendly, able to streamline operation process; such that minimal human resource is needed to keep the business running for cost and operational efficiency.


MERCURY’s eCommerce experts worked closely with the client team to launch their website and eCommerce management on cloud before their new product series launch within 1 weeks’ time:

1. Devise eCommerce strategy and features to align with client’s new product launch strategy, for the pre-order sales of their new product line in website launch.

2. Projected site traffic to provide a scalable and robust eCommerce hosting service.

3. Understand client’s business needs to provide features that are simple and sufficient to run their business: Product Pre-ordering on website, Sales Dashboard, Purchase Order Management, Email Marketing, Order Management.

4. Define website design and layout, with the consideration of ability to be easily maintained by client in future using WYSIWYG (what is see is what you get) editor. 


1. Building customer awareness through search engine optimization and gain traction through website promotion program (online discount code/coupons): The above are essential to work in line with client’s content marketing, paid advertising, social media, before the product page is even completed.  The client’s brand name ranks on the first item in the first page of search results shortly after the site went live with our SEO efforts.

2. Robust and Scalable eCommerce hosting: Our hosting infrastructure is scalable to provide uninterrupted service, for instance we have supported client’s website to serve 4000+ unique visitors on launch date, which have on average 40+ read/write transaction to the database per second.

3. Pre-order features on eCommerce site: Selected products can be sold through pre-order mode; established payment gateway to give convenience to customers on alternatives of payment methods (credit card/apply pay etc.). Automated emails are sent to customer that placed pre-order to confirm their order and set expectation on delivery timeline. This has significantly reduced human resources required on sales operational tasks and minimize the effort required to maintain the site.

4. Sales Dashboard and Report: Available for client to efficiently view the sales in a glance to aid them making the right/fast business decision. In addition to order details information, our dashboard provide visual statistics, such as average order amount, conversion rate, order/day, best sellers etc.

5. Order Management integrated with Warehouse Management: Streamlined order management flow in system, to guide Client through order fulfillment such that the order status and delivery is tracked systematically.

6. Email marketing tool: Our powerful email marketing tool enable client to easily send promotion email with predefined template, setting user friendly search criteria to define target recipients. Recently our client run a promotion program to send promo coupon to returning customers that is successfully getting more returning orders. The marketing tool provides a single view for client to see the effectiveness of the mailing, such as the email open rate/ click rate.

7. Abandon cart recovery: This feature is proving efficient for making more sales for the client. Just with a few clicks, email was sent to remind customers on the abandon cart to get their attention to visit the site and made purchase that they might have put aside.

Webstore, Order Management and SEO
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