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About "Mercury"

James Huang | 2021.08.08

I shared my thoughts and articles to Willde Ng and he asked if my name/ branding inspired by "水銀瀉地,無孔不入"?  (無所不通達的意思)

Actually, my perfect business model is "Be Water" and Mercury is inspired by James Cameron's Terminator 2 movie "The liquid-metal" robot.

What happens to tech workers when their skills become obsolete?

I have been in Technology world for 20+ years, I observe the sad story when a tech workers' skill become obsolete.  The only solution is to keep learning – and keep showing that you can learn. "IT is IT, all are the same, isn't it?"  You might ask.  In fact, IT is a broad term and there are lots of jobs already vanish.

1. Windows Admin/ HelpDesk

2. Adobe Flash Developers/ Designer

3. SEO Specialist

4. Mainframes

5. Voice Telephony

6. PC Support

7. On-Presmises IT skills

8. Quality Assurance

9. Data Center Ops

10. Machine Management

Skill/ Knowledge that never expired

If an individual is more skilled and experienced, demonstrating a command for the technology solution and adding leadership capabilities or business value creation will create long-term career opportunities.  Further, IT individuals who can effectively collaborate and manage their work and client/internal expectations — especially with most still working in a remote or hybrid mode.

Gone are the days of working in isolation, so rounding out solid and contemporary IT skills with solid project management and communication skills will be a powerful combination.

In other words, to work in MERCURY, we don't want "programmer".  We want an individual whom know the world is hard and changing rapidly and willing to learn as fast as they can.

My Routine

My business partner in UK and myself have a habit for past 20 years to keep challenging each others on the problem/ resolution approach.  This make us keep on learning skill set which is scalable, and able to re-use and deploy rapidly.  We experienced from MVC/.NET; Java, J2EE; NodeJS, React; Mongo, Python and blockchain; we learned and grow in a pace that we can adopt any business environment change.

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About "Mercury"
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