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Google Tag Manager and our CMS

James Huang | 2022.01.20

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a Google product that helps SEO professionals gain much more insight into what is happening on a Website. GTM also provides a way to easily add tags and triggers as well as add things like Google Analytics and other SEO related software.

As someone who works with clients on a daily and monthly basis, implementing Google Tag Manager has really helped improve not only my understanding of what is happening with website visitors but it also allows me to relay that information to the client.

One key aspect of GTM is its ability to track what users do on a website’s page. For example, I can set up a trigger event that fires every time a user scrolls down the page or a trigger event when someone clicks on a link or button. These triggers can then be analyzed using Google Analytics to give more insight into what a user is doing on the page.

Imagine you have a website page where the bounce rate is really high. Obviously without knowing anything else you really don’t know what users are doing on the page. By setting up GTM triggers, you could potentially see that most people who bounce don’t scroll down the page. This could be an indication that the content at the top of the page isn’t engaging the reader to read more.

Marketing Prespective

As a marketer, capturing useful web data should be an important component of your digital strategy. Knowing what pages perform well and what elements on those pages generate the most engagement allows your team to create web content and campaigns that convert site users into customers.  The way to track the success of your marketing campaigns is by using tags. 

As defined by Google, “Tags are segments of code provided by analytics, marketing, and support vendors to help you integrate their products into your websites or mobile apps.”  Tags help your team gather useful marketing data.

Implementing tags on a website used to take someone with a lot of technical expertise, such as a developer, but Google Tag Manager makes it easier for marketers to deploy and manage tags on your our CMS directly.

You can integrate Google Tag Manager with our CMS to track our hosted landing pages, website pages, blog, and product in Google Tag Manager. 

If you’ve paid any attention to the Tag Management space over the last couple years, you know that Google Tag Manager is winning. Organizations who recognize the simultaneous needs of governance, manageability, and rapid flexibility in analytics and marketing technologies (especially on the web) are adopting tag management solutions.  We see it as simply the most effective approach, and since Google Tag Manager is free, anyone and everyone should consider adopting it.

Google Tag Manager and our CMS
MERCURY TECHNOLOGY SOLUTION, James Huang 20 January, 2022
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