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Utilizing Technology for Hiring

James Huang | 2020.07.24

Thank goodness for technology – that’s what we’ve been saying since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak. From online learning and working remotely to Zoom catch-ups, at-home workouts and even Netflix, technology has helped us to maintain our sanity throughout this trying time.

Businesses all over the world are having to adapt quickly and embrace technology. The times certainly are changing, many companies have shifted to fully or partially remote operations. However, hiring for essential positions can't stop just because you're not physically in the office.

Companies need to ensure their recruiters are ready and able to keep the candidate pipeline running smoothly. This includes equipping them with the technology they need to work from home and having the proper reporting channels in place so everyone can be kept up to date about open requisitions.

The Shift

To facilitate the shift, HR technology come into play. Recruiting Management Software is the perfect technology tool to manage and track applicants throughout the hiring process. This type of software streamlines the hiring process, making the hiring process more effective. This can result in finding and hiring the best and most qualified candidate for a job opening, in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Spread your job offers

When you want to find the right candidate for your job, you have to make sure to spread the word. Don't just post your job offers on your company website. Share it on social media (LinkedIn is the place to be), try to feature it on the most popular job boards and if you're hiring for entry-level positions, make sure you cooperate with universities. To make the distribution of your job offers smoother and faster, it's useful to connect your recruitment software directly with your website job portal, with your company LinkedIn account and other career websites - so that every new job you post will be automatically shared on all channels. You will get higher reach and more applications coming in.

Our solution comes with a user-friendly interface encompassing below features:

·       Link job offers from different employment websites to your module and keep an eye on all your postings.

·       Post job on your website and follow the application process through Dashboard.

Receive resumes and applications

Sorting and scanning incoming applications can be a pain. If your job has been posted in many places, you could receive hundreds of resumes. Now it's your job to scan them, sort them out and try to choose the best ones. Many companies use special software for this first step - it scans the keywords in each resume and automatically rejects the ones that don't fit the main criteria. With this approach, your company's recruiter will only have to read the "good resumes" that passed the initial scan. If you don't have this type of software and your HR department is reading every single resume, it's good to at least set up a system for automatic communication. If a candidate is rejected, they'll be sent a default rejection email and if they fit the criteria, they'll get an email inviting them to the next step.

Our Solution includes the below features:

·       Recruitment process management: Manage a pipeline of candidates for your open positions and get organized with smart activities management.

·       Back-end: Manage everything from application emails to automatic answers right from the app.

·       Automatic indexation: Create a repository with all your applicants’ resumes, well organized and instantly accessible.

Test your candidates

Once you made your first selection, which is usually still pretty broad, you might wanna check all candidates a bit more and select the best ones before inviting them to a interview. It's becoming very common to set up an online test to assess not only the professional qualities of your candidates, but also their personal traits. You can simply create a test and include various questions to assess whether the candidate would fit the job and your company or not. Advantage of an online test is that you can easily collect and analyze the results. Based on that, you can choose which candidates "passed" the test and will be invited for a second interview.

Our Solution incorporate the below feature:

·       Recruitment online test: Create a recruitment form to applicant to receive response online for evaluation.

“Meet” the best applicants

After you've selected the best applicants, you invite them for interviews either online or face-to-face. If you handle a lot of applications and conduct quite a few interviews, it's pretty useful to have it all neatly organized, so you can easily check the status of each candidate. You should organize your recruiting process pipeline by clear stages that will show you how many new applications have come in, how many good candidates are in the pipeline and who you've already invited for an interview.

Our solution includes the below feature to aid you with the interview stage:

·       Calendar integration: Schedule interviews and send meeting invites directly from our software and synchronize with Google Calendar.

·       Web conference Integration to Online Meeting Invite

Final stage is here!

So you've made it through the whole process and you found THE candidate for your company. Congratulations! But don't start celebrating just yet. Now you have to close up this job offer, remove it from all job portals and websites and, most importantly, register your perfect candidate as an employee in your system. With fully integrated software, all this is possible in few simple clicks. Close the job, send automatic email to all rejected candidates and create an employee profile for your newly-hired candidate. And now it's all done!

Below features in our solution helps you the close the final stage of the recruitment process:

·       Send online offers: Generate offer links for the selected candidates. Let them review the offer, upload their personal information, and sign the offer

·       Employees Integration: Turn a candidate in the recruitment process into an employee in the system in one click

Utilizing Technology for Hiring
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