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Why cookie-cutter website won't help your business?

James Huang | 2020.07.21

Even across many industries, professional service websites (i.e. accounting firm, law offices, doctors, etc.) typically have the same architecture, design, and advertising messaging.  We encounter a lot of sites like these on Internet. They all look the same, sound the same, make the same martketing slogan, make the same mistakes, and usually we end up giving the same advice.  If you’re reading this, your organization is likely in one of these industries with a cookie cutter website of what is being said and shown by the other players in your space.  

Prospects who are looking for a company like yours will expect to see the same types of services on your website as well as your competitors.  In fact, if they don’t, they may actually consider leaving you out of the vetting process altogether.  But while it’s good to fit in, it’s also important to stand out if you’re going to win business over others.

You to differentiate yourself in a way that extends beyond industry standards or services.

The key  differentiation of a professional service comes down to HOW you display and explain your services.  With many things being equal in the professional service industry, it can be a challenge to find the one thing that creates separation between yourself and your competition. Perhaps the most effective way to escape the noise is by leading with culture.  Culture can be an incredibly influential factor in the decision-making process and as a result, your website should open the doors to it to help prospects understand, relate, and buy into it.

We highly recommend to add following CONTENT to your website:

1. An “About Us” page that tells an engaging story: This means that you’ve spent as much or even more time crafting the content for this page with a goal of getting your prospects to empathize with your journey. This can be conveyed through timeline graphics, pictures of your old office, quotes from team members, and more.

2. Your mission, vision, purpose, and core values: Tell your prospects why you get up in the morning, why your organization exists, and what your employees and leadership believe that can accomplish.

3. Photos of your team: Yes, individual bio pictures are great, but show that your organization knows how to work hard and play hard as a collective unit.  

4. Always be hiring: Your clients want to do the same thing you do - grow their business. A strong sign of growth is having calls-to-action that lead to a stellar careers page with active job listings.

5. Showcase Social Responsibility: It’s not all about the bottom line. Many people like to associate themselves with others that give back generously.

6. Link to your social networks: If you don’t have a spot on your website, facebook can be a fantastic medium to post updates, pictures, and events.

The following functionality  would help you standout from your competitor:

A. Show Your Pricing (or At Least Set Expectations)

Stop being afraid to tell people what they can expect to spend with your company!  It’s not important that you’re exact; it’s important that your transparent and help prospects understand the investment.

  • Share a range for what they could spend or share what your typical client spends with you via a pricing or plans page

  • Create a page with an interactive calculator that allows them to estimate what they could pay based on type and level of service needed

  • Include a downloadable guide on your service pages that explains how to set a budget for the type of service they’re looking for based on industry averages.

  • Prospects will appreciate this kind of transparency because in most cases, your competitors are keeping pricing top of mind. By sharing realistic pricing information upfront, you’ve effectively educated and qualified your potential buyers prior to them entering the sales process.

B. Sell the Results, Not the Services

The key differentiator between a good service company and an exceptional service company is execution. Your website needs to prove that you can truly execute against the services you offer.

Here are the two most effective ways to show that:

If relevant, include a portfolio section that showcases your best, completed work

Develop a success story or case study page  dedicated to stories about your client’s lives and businesses before and after engaging with you.


People want to buy from real people and most people can spot stock photos from a mile away. Generic stock photos immediately reduce the credibility of your company and overall take from the authenticity of your design and your brand.  

D. Make it Easy for Prospects to Contact You

If you’ve implemented all of the above, many of your prospects will be eager to download your content or even start a conversation.  Supply them with an area (or areas) where they can submit their information to do that such a consultation page or live chat.

A buyer that’s in the awareness stage may not be ready to give you their phone number or tell you their company’s revenue, but when they are ready, the option should be readily accessible.

You can always reach our consulting team for more information. [email protected]

Why cookie-cutter website won't help your business?
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