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How to run a restaurant with digital tranformation?

James Huang | 2020.12.27


In today’s scenario, there exists stiff competition among the eatery business, as every now and then new restaurants and eatery outlets are mushrooming around the place.  With the pandemic occurred  since 2019, the situation is getting tougher for eatery business.

Right from serving exquisite delicacies to royal ambiance for their customers, the restaurants always strive to remain abreast of technologies in showcasing the best hospitality ever.  The restaurants stay tuned in placing themselves much ahead of their competitors for their long run and survival.

For these reasons, eateries are into bringing constant revolutions in terms of how they sway their menu, impart their day-to-day operations, conduct their advertising and other social media promotions, and most importantly how they enhance their customer’s dining experience. In the event, the restaurant needs to juggle within huge numbers of things noticeable all around.

Here comes the role of restaurant management software which including both in-dining and delivery platform. There is no doubt that the best restaurant management software can enhance your customer experience, lift your business portfolio and generate more business revenue.  It is a proved statement that very operational difficulties with respect to store management, delivery services billing, point of sales, financial management, and payroll can be streamlined with good restaurant management software. 

First And Foremost Factor Is Enhancing The Client Experience.

The restaurant is a service industry, therefore the first impression matters. For any restaurant to run smoothly for long times, the secret sauce is a clientele of happy and satisfied customers. But how do you get them? 

Incredible customer service begins with the association of all staff individuals –management board, floor manager, gourmet experts, delivery staff, cooks, storekeeper, cashier, waitress, etc. For a successful restaurant brand run, every team members ought to be committed and make every single client feel esteemed and invited. This directly proportionate to client consistency rates and their dining experience.

Our solution comes with a user-friendly interface encompassing a different set of functionalities like:

  • CRM/ Loyality Program, thus your staffs know their preference and personalised services

  • Table and Floor management

  • Product or Menu management

  • Fast Billing

  • Online Ordering Facility

  • Inventory Management

  • Purchase Management

  • Helpdesk support

  • Bill Printing Before Payment

  • Tips management

  • HR/ Payroll/ Shift Management

  • Kitchen Order Printer

In addition, our solution is compatible with the barcode scanner, swiping machines and cash drawer box. 

Most importantly, the integration of other management modules like Point of Sales, inventory and accounts management makes our solution much all-rounded.   The software thus comprehends in taking adequate decisions on food trends, sales targets, business revenue, customer counts, employee management, inventories and more. It makes sure that all operational and financial data are in balance. 

Better Showcasing Brings In More Customers To Court

This is the era of branding and advertising. There exists a large percentage of customers who search for the best restaurants in the city before paying a visit. They jot down the timing, services, menu, signature dishes, and special offers before making their dining decisions. In that case, if your restaurant fails in offering diversified menus and loyalty programs, it is likely to hamper the customer retention or the number of customers that drop by.

Our solution can bring in several loyalty programs like the implementation of customer loyalty cards – where the customers can earn or redeem their points, offer discounts on a particular amount of bills, place special offers on festive seasons or timings and more. These loyalty programs, in turn, enhance customer retention to a greater degree.  Further our email marketing engine ease the promotional cost to minimal.

Successful Stock Administration And Menu Estimating

Effective Inventory management and menu evaluation can reduce resource wastages. The real-time stock movements in the store room and processing of right orders in the kitchen can reduce the wastage of resources. 

With inventory management function, We helps in acquiring real-time update on store inventory. One can trigger automatic tracking and controlling of the inventory, helping in the elimination of excess inventory or other resource wastages. The restaurants can also bring in strategic decisions on product reordering via studying previous sales data. Keeping in a note the rising demand and preferences, the restaurant can pre occupy themselves with adequate inventories in their store room.

Delivery Tracking

Provided your customer experienced gained customer longevity,  Our Home Delivery Control system/panel is used to monitor orders placed.T he delivery control will provide a concise and precise view of the order thereby enabling quick status check of the order and any communication regarding the order to the shop or restaurant.

The Delivery Control module consists of two screens -Screen with complete list - Which consist of all the orders Detail screen - Which will provide complete information of a selected order for tracking and monitoring purposes. Once the order is placed in shop or restaurant through your staffs, it creates sales order in a backend and will also appear on delivery control screen.

How to run a restaurant with digital tranformation?
MERCURY TECHNOLOGY SOLUTION, James Huang 27 December, 2020
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