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Insomnia, productivity and meditation

James Huang | 2021.07.17

I had been "suffering" from insomnia in past 9 months.  Technically, I sleep about 3 hours a day -  find it hard to go to sleep · wake up several times during the night · lie awake at night · wake up early and cannot go back to sleep.  I used quote on "suffering" simply because I don't feel suffering.

During these 9 months, I build all the way from ERP to Decentralised Messaging platform, an online privacy tool, a blockchain contract platform and digital newsroom.  In general, each product/ project can easily consume any IT company 1 - 2 years; myself and team make all happen in 9 months.

I was advised by my Technical Chinese Medicine doctor that "I should sleep more"; (with the fact that my inner eyes is bleeding) However, I have a strong feeling during these 9 months that I want to "create more" and do it as fast as possible for no reason.

Two days ago, meet with an experience meditator, she spot to my eyes and hold my hands and asked "what do you want?" "nothing" I replied. "you lie; you can lie to yourself, but your body can't lie, your physical reflect it."

She led me to think and find myself.  It is an interesting path to "Find Yourself" Through Meditation.  Time spent in meditation is a great time to evaluate what you value. It’s more than just identifying what you value. Take the time to ask yourself why you value those things. What about them makes them important to you? How do you rank them? 

I am able to confess to my inner-self and my ambitions.  There are more changes ahead. Stay Calm.

Insomnia, productivity and meditation
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