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Intangible Hong Kong cultural heritages to see before they vanish

James Huang | 2021.03.17

With the relentless march of corporate globalisation, trendy, Instagrammable cafés and over-zealous bureaucracy edging out staples of Hong Kong’s societal tent-poles, it’s easy to forget about the traditional spots and pockets of culture that helped make this city what it is.

Hong Kong is sweet, from the milky gustation of its local-style milk tea. Hong Kong is loud, with its dozens of drums beating in pulsating rhythm and chants piercing the sky as boats race towards the finish line during the Dragon Boat Festival. Hong Kong is serene, where skilled tai chi masters sway in coordination with branches and leaves in an emerald green park nestled within the urban jungle. These are some of the intangible things that Hong Kong has to offer, drawing people in day after day, time after time.

Unlike the buildings that are stacked on top of one another, designed to withstand the ravages of time, it is very difficult for culture and intangible objects to be preserved. Without proficient and continuous effort, Hong Kong’s intangible cultural heritage could be lost forever. 

Is there anyway you can think of to preserve all these unique intangible culture?

Intangible Hong Kong cultural heritages to see before they vanish
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