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The future of Brands, as a Service (BaaS)

James Huang | 2021.08.05

Brands provide meaning, services provide utility. A Brand Service combines both and create a useful service that communicates the benefits of the brand.  I believe we need a way of making a genuine connection; one based on something the brand can do to improve the customer’s life."

Increasingly, consumers value experience. There's a demand for personalisation, a trend away from pure product, people expect brands to mean more than their simple, transactional offering. This new business model has allowed brands to move to a subscription-based relationship. And consumers are increasingly apathetic towards advertising: brands must offer something extra. Even brands that cannot move to a subscription model, may find themselves evolving to become a brand experience.

Technology gives brand the ability to scale infinitely, morph their services to support all consumer needs, continually improve their products and permeate our lives in a much deeper way. For consumers it provides freedom, access, information and the ability to connect with people at scale.

We believe that it’s going to become increasingly hard for brands to stay relevant by only selling their physical goods without also creating useful services that consumers invite into their lives. They too need to become a relevant part of people’s lives by creating services that are meaningful.

What companies have done successfully is create scalable technology and services that are interfaced through human-like interactions that can be activated by touch, sight and voice — while listening and learning at every stage.  The learnings from each of these user interactions is possibly the most powerful and important parts of becoming a brand service. We believe this will build the brands of the future.

You can think of ‘brain’, that controls these inputs, as the Brand Brain, or Brand as a Service.  

Your brand transforms to becoming Brand as a Service.  Ultimately this will drive engagement across all your consumer touch-points. Adding value to your customers lets you in turn add value to your brand and business while safeguarding your future success.

We work with brands to move them from driven by goods to powered by services.  We are glad to have a joint-venture with PPW which shared the same view and value to help our clients to achieve the goal above.

The future of Brands, as a Service (BaaS)
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